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Why Us

Why Hot Diggity Dog vs. Other Daycares?

Hot Diggity Dog is proud to offer unique services and techniques that set us apart from other daycares in Vegas.
  • Hot Diggity Dog uses a state of the art central wet/dry vac system to clean and sanitize the facility, no dirty mop buckets slushing pee water around.
  • We have custom built private boarding suites for your dog to board in, no crates and no bars that they could potentially get injured on.
  • Extended hours at NO additional cost to you!!
  • We have an outdoor area that the dogs enjoy supervised throughout the day for scheduled periods vs. playing in the Vegas heat ALL day.
  • We are the ONLY boarding facility to offer Cage-Free Daycare + Boarding AND Private Boarding for the dogs that aren't fixed or cannot be in daycare, letting us accommodate every dog family.
  • Mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation, your dog will go home "healthy tired" from all the activities and playtime.

New To Hot Diggity Dog? Please fill out the paperwork below if you wish for your dog to participate in daycare or boarding.

You can also download our Boarding Sign In sheet if your pup is planning on staying overnight with us!